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about me

I’m originally from a city called Curitiba in Brazil where I graduated in Visual Design (2000) and completed a Master's in Web Design (2003). The reason I focused my studies on Web design was that I understood that digital innovations were (and still are) evolving and becoming more and more transformative. In 2013, with the same mindset, I continued my studies in Design and completed a Master's degree at Laurea University (Finland). The course focused on Service Innovation and Design. My motivation to do this Master's was to deepen my understanding of service design, business innovation and co-creation principles.

In the Autumn, I conduct a Service Design in Digital Context course lectures in the Service Innovation and Design program at Laurea University.

I'm also a Ph.D. student at Aalto University, together with Learning Environments Research Group I get involved in research, design, and development of New Media tools, as well as their use and application, in the field of learning.

I regularly share my work in publications, workshops and conferences. I'm involved in communities and associations such as Interaction Design Association (IxDA), Service Design Network and Futures Specialists Helsinki. I’m always interested in exploring new and established tools, approaches and techniques. I do this to enable me to design services and products that are more useful, usable and desirable for customers and efficient and effective for organizations.


Previous work experience, Brazil and Finland

Over 20 years,

I've had the opportunity to gain experience in many of the design competencies, including user experience, interaction design, service design, digital strategy, digital media and visual design, with projects in a range of different industries. I enjoy teamwork, especially in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams because they can make your daily job more enriching and offer new and different perspectives. 

Companies I have worked at PUCPR, Malisoft, Nextmidia, Duty, Autobiz, FreeSoftware, Positivo Informática, Lojas Renner, Fjord, Institute Nokia of Technology, Learnway, Acessozero, Laurea University, Ixonos, Digital Accenture and Futurice. I also worked as a freelancer at Fun Der Ground and Agência Casa (Mirum design).

Past clients include: Nokia, NSN, Volvo, Renault, Marcopolo, Lojas Renner, Positivo Group, Ericsson, Banco do Brasil, Bematech, Gol Linhas Aéreas, Porto Seguro, Nokian Tyres, Honka, Iittala, Stockmann, Viking Line, Fortum, Fira, YIT, Rovio, Safmarine, ABB, Fortum, Swarovski and Finning.


Studio Design Director &
Digitalist Group / Vancouver BC, Canada

November 2016 –  present

At Digitalist in Vancouver, I started and I'm leading local design team of 12 designers and facilitating internal and external dialogue around the service design practice area. My role in client projects is to act as a lead consultant helping customers to discover their digital future. These projects vary from extensive discovery to design sprints.



August 2014 –  November 2016

At Futurice, I worked closely with the team to strategically understand client and consumer needs, and ensure alignment of these insights throughout the service design process to shape research strategies and concepts, to help connecting businesses to their users and economic goals.


Fjord, Helsinki
Interaction and Visual Designer

May/2008 – December/2009 and May 2014 - July 2014

This was my second time at Fjord. There I worked as Interaction Designer. I helped to create a web concept to a large company called Safmarine, which operates in the transportation segment. 



I learned to use my expertise to define better the problem considering sources that were not only coming from my past work life or the assigned team. I learned to transform assumptions to a hypothesis. The “great design” comes with the understanding of the client capability and experts insights, customers wants and needs and the design trend magic. All this together is a powerful tool for the business.
— Jane Vita


Follow my work

The best way of learning something is interacting with other people. Conversations usually bring a lot of interesting aspects to the topic that you may not have considered when you were studying it alone. Different opinions and other points of view make your findings more valuable. That is why I contribute and participate in various communities.


jane vita at medium

A few months ago, I started transferring all my articles to Medium and also contributing as writer to one of the most prestigious design community there, the UxDesign.cc. ( https://uxdesign.cc/ ) and in Portuguese ( https://brasil.uxdesign.cc/ )

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Jane Vita at Digitalist Network

The Digitalist Network consists of top professionals, entrepreneurs and enterprise in Finland and recently coming to everywhere in the Globe. The Digitalist Network challenges current thinking on how networks usually operate. Digitalist Network is a media service contributing to and curating the most valuable and relevant news from around the world. It’s also an influential network where top professionals meet, a place to connect with consultancy services. Join us there! And check my blog posts, of course.


Jane Vita at Slideshare

My first slide set contribution for SlideShare Design community was in 2010. Since then, I've added several public presentations on my profile. Two of them were featured and had got a broader audience, the topics where Immersive Experiences and Healthcare's Digital Future. More than 20 presentations to check out! 


Service Sandbox

The Service Sandbox initiative started with the goal of creating a co-creation tool that helps designers and other professionals to create better and more meaningful services in physical spaces. Since we can’t do it alone, we decided to share the knowledge and improve the methodology together with the community. The first and second version are online to download!