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The best way of learning something is interacting with other people.
Conversations usually bring a lot of interesting aspects to the topic that you may not have considered when you were studying it alone. Different opinions and other points of view make your findings more valuable. That is why I contribute and participate in various communities.


jane vita at medium

A few months ago, I started transferring all my articles to Medium and also contributing as writer to one of the most prestigious design community there, the UxDesign.cc. ( https://uxdesign.cc/ ) and in Portuguese ( https://brasil.uxdesign.cc/ )

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Jane Vita at Digitalist Network


The Digitalist Network consists of top professionals, entrepreneurs and enterprise in Finland and recently coming to everywhere in the Globe. The Digitalist Network challenges current thinking on how networks usually operate. Digitalist Network is a media service contributing to and curating the most valuable and relevant news from around the world. It’s also an influential network where top professionals meet, a place to connect with consultancy services. Join us there! And check my blog posts, of course.


Jane Vita at Slideshare

My first slide set contribution for SlideShare Design community was in 2010. Since then, I've added several public presentations on my profile. Two of them were featured and had got a broader audience, the topics where Immersive Experiences and Healthcare's Digital Future. More than 20 presentations to check out! 


Service Sandbox

The Service Sandbox initiative started with the goal of creating a co-creation tool that helps designers and other professionals to create better and more meaningful services in physical spaces. Since we can’t do it alone, we decided to share the knowledge and improve the methodology together with the community. The first version is online to download!


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